Lloyd Herman has been in practice for over 35 years. The main areas of practice are Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation, and Wills & Trusts.


The practice has been dedicated to servicing injured and disadvantaged people resulting in major judgments and settlements against major corporations:

1. Manufacturers of defective automobile products – Ford, BMW, Chrysler;

2. Manufacturers of defective household products;

3. Manufacturers of feminine hygiene products;

4. Manufacturers of vaccines whose liability was assumed by the U.S. Government (swine flue cases):

5. Manufacturers of commercial meat processing equipment.

Judgments and settlements against major insurance companies for bad faith treatment of their insured’s.

Judgments and settlements against major ski areas for installation of defective ski lift ramps.

Judgments and settlements against negligent drivers who have caused injury or death.

Judgments and settlements against corporations for sex discrimination and retaliation.

Personal Injury

Have you been injured because of the careless or intentional actions of another? If so, you are entitled to financial compensation for your medical and property expenses, incidental costs caused by the accident, and possibly additional compensation to cover future expenses, and for the pain and suffering caused by the injury. The insurance company knows how to avoid paying your claims. Do you know how to make them pay? If you have suffered a personal injury - from automobile accidents to accidental shootings, electrocutions or injuries from fires and explosions – please contact us to discuss your legal rights and just compensation for your injury.

Worker’s Compensation

Have you been injured on the job? We represent people in claims for lost wages and medical treatment expenses against private industry, Federal, state and local government employers and their workers’ compensation insurers. We handle issues dealing with whether your injury qualifies as “on the job,” fraudulent disqualification, subrogation to other insurers and appeals.

Wills & Trusts

Have you made your will? Do you believe things are being handled unfairly in your family member’s Estate? Do you need a trust fund for your loved ones? We handle Estate Planning which is planning for the distribution of a person’s property at his or her death, and includes preparing wills and trusts, taking into consideration taxes, insurance, and property so as to gain the maximum benefit of all laws and, at the same time, carries out the client’s wishes. Probate is the court proceeding through which a will is proved to be valid and the property of the deceased is administered. The process includes collecting the deceased’s assets, paying their bills, paying necessary taxes, and distribution of property to their heirs. You owe it to your loved ones to leave your affairs in order.