Brief History and Geographic Coverage

Lloyd A. Herman was admitted to practice law in September 1966. He is licensed to practice in the Western and Eastern Federal District Court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. This includes Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. The law office is located in a beautifully restored colonial home in the center of Spokane Valley.

Early Success

Lloyd A. Herman has been in practice over 35 years. Lloyd began practice in Seattle, Washington in 1966 in a 5-man law firm where he received vast experience in the general practice fields of commercial, family law, personal injury, probate, partnerships and corporations, and appellate work. During his first year of practice, he appealed, argued and won a case in the Washington State Supreme Court reversing a case of breach of discretion.

The Evolution of Lloyd A. Herman

Lloyd moved back to Spokane Valley where he was raised, and opened a general practice office and formed a partnership with McKanna, Herman and Herman, where he practiced business and commercial law, corporations an partnerships, family law, and developed a specialty in real estate law. He was highly involved in real estate practice and closings, and was elected as President of the Spokane County Real Estate Association, which was dedicated toward the protection of consumers and homebuyers.

Shift In Focus

In the mid 1970's Lloyd changed the focus of his practice to representing injured people in various personal injury claims involving defective products of all kinds, including automobiles, industrial machines and pharmaceuticals. During that period he was successful in changing the law in the State of Washington in favor of consumers in the Supreme Court and Division III in the Court of Appeals which had the effect of aiding people against bad faith acts of the insurance companies, expanding the law in the area of automobile coverage, and in favor of tenants of defective apartment houses and rentals. During this time, Lloyd was successful in expanding coverage for skiers against ski areas. The ski areas had been granted total immunity against injury claims by State Legislators. Lloyd A. Herman help individuals recover costs for injuries received while participating in the sport of skiing in an area that negligently installed ski area trams.